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Your Robo Credit Manager

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Learn. Act. Thrive.

With Buckit analyzing your finances to apply the best strategies, you know your credit is managed intelligently.  It helps you figure out the right path to pay down debt, reminds you to sets aside money when you can afford it and find ways to help you save and better manage your finance.  With Buckit, money is easy.

How It Works

Know your Credit

Ongoing in-depth diagnosis of your credit status

Get concrete guidance and take action

Having a personalized plan makes it easy for you to achieve.

That's It!

Know that you are using the smartest strategies to use your credit effectively.

Home: How Its Works

Manage Existing Debts

Get a personalized plan based on your finances. Better yet, Buckit helps you to stay on plan.

Lower Debt Cost

Pay off debt faster, avoid late fees and trim interest costs. A penny saved is a penny earned.

Improve Credit Profile

Stay current with your credit cards, develop better habits and increase FICO scores.

Bank Grade Security

Your data is encrypted with 256-bit encryption and protected by the latest security technology.

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