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Buckit FAQ

As many as 45 million consumers are either unable to leverage the current credit markets or are accessing these markets at a high cost, primarily due to the lack of credit information on  these consumers.

A New Ecosystem for Consumer Credit Data

Credit Innovation.  Enabled.   

With Buckit, consumers can build, monitor and manage access to their credit data on a secure, transparent blockchain platform. We believe empowering consumers to have more say in their credit will result in more transparency, richer insight and seamless flow of credit information.  Buckit’s platform will be open to innovators who share our passion to declutter the existing processes, so together we can deliver better credit products and experiences for all.


  • Access to better financial products 

  • Control over data and privacy  

  • Gain direct economic benefits



  • New credit indicative data

  • Expand potential market  

  • Empower product innovation

  • Better insights to loan performance

  • Informed risk assessment 

  • More asset opportunities

Value Exchange

Buckit intends to produce an indigenous token, the Buckit Token (BTX), to facilitate value exchanges on the platform.  Consumers can opt to grant third parties access to their credit data in exchange for consideration for credit offers or receiving BTX as compensation.  Service providers can deliver a diverse set of products and value to consumers in exchange for BTX.  Lenders, investors and risk managers can gain additional insights from verifiable transactions and behavioral data via paying BTX.


The Buckit Ecosystem can provide much-needed additions to current credit data infrastructure.  This augmented, rich and real-time information flow will help remove friction and allow participants to better understand and manage credit.  We believe we are standing at the precipice of explosion of credit innovation.

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